I am a mixed heritage Canadian, born from two Jehovah's Witnesses. My European mother and my mixed Ojibwe father met in Esquimalt on Vancouver Island, and shortly after were married with children on the way. 

When I was four, they divorced, and my childhood life was spent oscillating between devout religiosity, and worldly fascination. I was fascinated by painting, stop-motion animation, drawing, and filmmaking most of all. I was attracted to the way of life of my father, who had fallen out of the Faith, and yet I was still deeply encamped on the side of my mother. She was and still is the person who knows how I feel the most, even if she can't agree with my choices.

Growing into adulthood, my zeal for Jehovah waned, and I had to make the extremely difficult decision to no longer identify as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. This meant a number of things. Who was I, now that my life indebted eternally was now severed? Will I also be severed completely from my family who remain in the Faith? These are but a few of the things that sat at the horizon for me, and truthfully still remain there.

Since turning this new leaf, I have made it my duty to help myself and others become more attuned to their innermost feelings, and to help people with the difficult task of navigating the fog of identity and personhood.

I may not be able to carry people into Paradise, but I can certainly try to help myself and others make sense of where they are, who they are, and how they are.

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