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My Mirror (2022) - Trailer

Short film - Drama. Partly scripted.

Runtime: 23:52

A young woman living in Vancouver is suddenly contacted by her old high-school boyfriend, who has appeared in the city after years of separation. It illustrates the limitations of small-town socialisation, as well as the romanticism inherent in young romance that often-times proves to be incompatible in a more complex social reality in cities, and the present.

Produced by:


Zachary Lacosse


Shelby Satterthwaite

Josh Fischer

Valerie Oba

Young People Ask (2019)

Short film - Drama. Partly scripted.

Runtime: 17:42

YPA is a short autobiographical film about two young Jehovah's Witnesses living out another weekend in the historic company town of Trail, British Columbia. It directly addresses my deepest feelings about my childhood as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. It was created barebones by use of a two person crew minus the two actors, and was shot by myself and Dana Bontempo, using a 5 page outline.

Produced by:


Dana Bontempo


Riley Davis

Michael David Stewart

Young People Ask has screened internationally and domestically at:


Sunday Shorts Film Festival - Lisbon

Cyrus Monthly International Film Festival - Toronto

Canada Shorts Film Festival - Saint John (Award of Distinction)

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